Cloud-based Rapid Manufacturing: Maintenance and collaboration software to save time and money.

CREMA Cloud is the fastest way to identify and document defects during the production process. It allows all members of the manufacturing process to document and assign defects and to seamlessly collaborate during the maintenance process. Defects may be assigned to people and may be shared between each other. An end-to-end auditing documents all actions taken and provides legal safety.

Problem identification and issue gathering can be done at a computer in the testing area or at any place via the tablet / smartphone app. Product identification is done via a laser scanner at the computer or by scanning codes with the mobile devices camera – time intensive reports with pen and paper are no longer required, therefore you achieve:

  • 70% Reduction of acquisition errors.
  • 75% Automation of documentation.
  • 80% Time savings while reporting issues.
  • 90% Time savings in related communication.
  • 98% Happiness for all involved people.

Our Cloud-based predictive maintenance alerts all team members based on sensor measurements even before a defect appears in the production process. A service driven monitoring of manufacturing processes provides a holistic view of the complete process covering dynamic processes inside a factory as well as cross-factory or even cross-organisational manufacturing processes.

Crema CLOUD 100% secure: Your data is highly encrypted and only visible to authorized team members. Crema CLOUD can be used as a Service on secure servers within Europe or it may be deployed to your local IT infrastructure.


Your Benefits

Simple, quick and intuitive usability

Everyone can use it instantly! Suitable prefilled text blocks are given based on the current scanned product and input is intelligently prefilled to save time.

All devices

You can use CREMA Cloud on all your devices, no matter if you prefer to work on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With and Without Internet

You can work from anywhere even without having an internet connection and therefore you have access to all the data and files of your production process at any time.

Predictive Maintenance

CREMA Cloud supports predictive maintenance analysis depending on your data and algorithms and helps you to schedule maintenance when you need it – before a defect materializes!


Production means producing something valuable – but please not a pile of papers that nobody ever reads!

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